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"Perhaps you are an aspiring leader? Or perhaps you have been in a leadership position for awhile, but could stand to be reminded of some of the lessons you may have forgotten? Either way, this book is a valuable read.”

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A unique brand of story telling with my keynote speaking to inspire your team and your business to go further, dig deeper and care more passionately about themselves, the business, their teammates and your customers.

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Expo Media

“His presentation, made within the frame of the most important Call-Centre event in Eastern-Europe, Mr. Murray taught us an important lesson about style and professionalism, with respect to the way one should run a business to success. It was charismatic and inspirational speech with a high impact to the surrounding audience.  His presentation was further mentioned by all the speakers and participants.  It was a great honour and joy to have him among us at this conference and the words we heard for two days were: “As Mr. Murray said…”

This is the impact of what a charismatic leader means.  He is the leader who perfectly knows to transform an ambitious vision into a successful story and mark the existence of all the people he interacts with, no matter it is about a speech or a daily business.”

Ms. Madalina Vilau, Managing Partner, Expo Media


“Your life and business perspective will never be the same after you meet Bob. He is an incredible key note speaker and coach that awakes hidden passion and potential. I am honored to be a part of inspirational projects with him, because every moment spent by his side is valuable. He knows what respect, determination and leadership are truly about. I highly recommend him as a partner, writer and speaker for any business that aims to go far.”

Oana Olteanu – Brand Communication Manager, ExpoMedia


School of Business

“The School of Business at BCIT engaged Bob Murray to lead the School in development of a School Strategic Plan, aligned with our Institute Strategic Plan. Bob became embedded in our management team. Through his leadership, in a short period of time, we were able to collaboratively develop a targeted plan that enabled the School to operationally engage in a more focused approach. The plan has been effectively used as a foundation for development of a comprehensive branding strategy and has enabled us to differentiate the School from that of our competition. Bob’s straight forward practical approach made this, and our ongoing success, possible. The plan has made it possible for me to operate with a clear vision, and has enabled the management team to accomplish much more, in a much shorter time, than we had ever anticipated. Thank you Bob!”

Robin Hemmingsen Dean, School of Business

“Robert Murray is the most charismatic Key-Note Speaker for Vision, Strategy, Leadership, Change and Motivation we have ever experienced.  He convinced the audience at the 10th Call Centre Convention in Vienna with leadership inspiration at the highest level. “One must lead with a vision and do that on a daily basis,” said Robert (Bob) at the industry top-level event – describing his understanding of leadership.  As a manager, one has to have Vision every day.  No one else can convey this idea more than Bob.  His long standing international expertise in leading multi-national business organizations shows clearly which values should be given priority in order to successfully attain the set goals.


Bob is not only a fantastic Key-Note Speaker, but also an experienced people manager with a profound background who enriches the life of everyone who is lucky to meet him at a conference, a seminar, a workshop or at the office.


We were more than happy to allure Bob as Key-Note Speaker for the 10th Call Center Convention in Vienna and we can´t await to get more inspiration at future events.”

Carita Vallinkoski - Competence Call Centre - Vienna
International Association of Administrative Professionals

Bob was the keynote speaker at our special Executive Night’s Education Meeting where he captivated the audience with his contagious passion for life and charismatic presence.  Sharing valuable and insightful leadership lessons through his unique way of weaving life’s experiences into unforgettable stories, Bob’s presentation was riveting and left everyone truly inspired!  Bob is one of those people that when you meet him, you know his nuggets of wisdom are with you to stay.  I strongly recommend Bob as a speaker for any event to engage the audience into exploring their potential, both personally and professionally.


Evelyn Hohmann – CAP-OM

Vice President, Fraser Valley Chapter – International Association of Administrative Professionals

November 2012



Mike Torillo - Vancouver
Speaking at Heineken

“I am writing to thank you once more for the excellent speech you delivered to the Central & Eastern Europe Supply Chain Management conference on Friday March 23rd 2007.

It was fantastic to witness the energy and excitement of the whole audience during your presentation and I am certain that the messages that you have presented will leave a lasting and deep impression. Rarely have I experienced such a motivating and impactful presentation, for which the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, both immediately during the conference and in the weeks following.

On a recent visit to one of the brewery managers in Russia I saw some of your statements written down on the whiteboard in his office. This has confirmed for me once more that your messages will have a long-lasting effect and will contribute strongly as we strive for World Class Performance.”

Willem de Jonge - Supply Chain Director - Heineken


Robert Murray





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