It’s Already Inside: Leadership and Self Awareness

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Are you aware of your impact on others in your organization, on your team, in your industry at home with your family or even on yourself?  Self awareness is a critical part of being a complete leader.  It is a critical element of emotional intelligence.
Leaders with high amounts of self awareness consistently out perform on their objectives by an average of 20% where as those with low levels of self awareness consistently under perform on their objectives by 20%.  And… this is consistent across industries and around the world.
A self aware leader also knows what makes him or her happy, upset, agitated, motivated, inspired, etc.  You will know what your “Hot Buttons” are that cause you to over-react, lose your cool or do things out of character.
Get in touch with yourself.  Really start to look deeply inside of yourself.  Start paying attention to how you feel when you are in different situations and how you react.  Ask other people that you are close too and trust to give you feedback too.
Here’s an example…  I get extremely agitated when I receive poor customer service by someone that is completely apathetic to the privilege of serving customers.  I get frustrated.  I want to walk away and tell the world about it.  I used to make it my purpose to “educate” the person in customer service.  Once I got in touch with my awareness of this one particular feeling, I looked at it from a different lens.  A lens that saw the organization and not the person as the perpetrator of crappy service because of the lack of training and care that had gone into the person they choose to put in front of the customer.  More importantly, I got in touch with how I felt and was it worth stressing myself out about it versus just choosing to go somewhere else.
That is just one example.  I had a few others too (believe me!).
Developing your self awareness will identify for you when you do things to impress others, because you are intimidated and why, what you may be harbouring as a deep rooted fear, etc.
Once you develop your self awareness, you will be amazed at what happens next.  You will start to make better decisions about how you react to certain situations.  When you make better decisions, you get better results.
Next week, more about the decisions part of self awareness.

Robert Murray is a Key Note Speaker, Turn Around Mercenary and the author of the critically acclaimed book; “It’s Already Inside: Nurturing your innate leadership for business and life success.”

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