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Robert is a #1 Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Business Strategy Facilitator who tells stories that help people find the keys to unlock the leader they have within themselves.

As a #1 Best Selling Author, Robert Murray knows what it takes to have business success. Now you can too! Unlocking your leader within starts here.

Click on any of the business strategy and leadership books below, and begin your journey. Learn from Bob’s grey hairs and battle scars. Use what worked, avoid what didn’t. Become the best you, you can be, no matter how you measure success.

ItsALreadyInside Best Selling Author Robert Murray Vancouver, BC
Unlocked Best Selling Author Robert Murray Vancouver, BC
ItsAlreadyInside Best Selling Author Robert Murray Vancouver, BC

“Robert S. Murray has a wonderful way of taking an otherwise complex subject and bringing it down to its simplest expression, eliminating all the noise around issues and keeping only what matters. A great gift. As much as I enjoyed reading about all the valued tips and advice to leaders, I enjoyed even more reading the story of what appears to be so far (more to come, no doubt!) a very rich life. All current and aspiring leaders will benefit from reading this book [It’s Already Inside]. Anyone struggling to find out what their leadership style is will learn that they need to be able to adapt to all styles. The good news is the book will tell you how to do that! As an Executive Coach, I will no doubt use it in my practice.A great read!” – Gisele Aubin, Executive Coach

“Take it each chapter as a wonderful opportunity to explore between the lines, ask yourself the questions posed and reflect on where your leadership potential rests. One will find themselves reflected within the stories; you will pause and declare – yes I can be a more effective leader and I now know what I will do to move down that path.” – Bill Dow, VP Education, British Columbia Institute of Technology

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