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It’s Already Inside

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Robert Murray knows that everyone can be a leader, because it’s already inside. You simply have to discover and cultivate those talents you’ve always had.

Whether you want to be CEO of a large corporation, lead a sales team, inspire your organization, or just be a better person, “It’s Already Inside” can show you, in practical ways with real-life examples, how to tap into your innate leadership skills to get the job done, encourage those around you to succeed, and to bring fulfillment and purpose to your life.

In “It’s Already Inside,” you will learn:

  • The difference between managing and leading
  • How to focus on the solution, not the problem
  • How to turn-around a business filled with bad attitudes
  • How to stop wasting time in meetings
  • What you can learn from watching the clouds
  • When to overreact and when to under-react
  • Why you should never drink the ouzo
  • What good looks like for you

Packed with personal stories, tips from rock star Billy Idol, and lessons from Grizzly Bears, Mount Kilimanjaro, NASA and teenagers, “It’s Already Inside” will take you on a leadership journey that will inspire you to continue for the rest of your life.

Go ahead and get started on that journey today.


by Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D and author of awarding winning “Narrow Lives”

Robert Murray’s book It’s Already Inside is more than a “How To” business book or even one that claims to reveal the secrets of business leadership. I’ve read a lot of business and self-help book sover the years, and often, they tend to say the same thing.

It’s Already Inside stands apart from the crowd—dare I say it’s a leader among business books—precisely because the message is clearer than in many, the examples are uniquely all Murray’s own, and he does not rely on quoting from all the other experts or repeating often told tales of previous entrepreneurs. Instead, Murray tells his own story and the stories of people he has known well who have become respected leaders. Each story is told with purpose and insight. (more)

IN PRAISE OF “It’s Already Inside”

“Whether you’re in the C-Suite of a Fortune 1000 company, or you’re starting from scratch and harnessing your entrepreneurial spirit, you should read this book! Robert has captured the essence of leadership and highlighted it throughout his many personal experiences to show you that it’s already inside.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Global Business Celebrity, New York Times Bestselling Author of  ”Running the Gauntlet”

“A modern day Acres of Diamonds. All the leadership characteristics and qualities you need to succeed are within you – Robert Murray’s book, It’s Already Inside, shows you how to identify them and put them into practice.”

Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of The Little Red Book on Sales

“This book is full of the wisdom needed to be an effective leader. Wisdom that reflects real life lessons, many of them very hard ones. Perhaps you are an aspiring leader? Or perhaps you have been in a leadership position for awhile, but could stand to be reminded of some of the lessons you may have forgotten? Either way, this book is a valuable read.”

Don Wright, Ph.D., CEO, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“Reading this book was just as inspiring as meeting Bob in real life! He leads you with humor and wisdom to a world class level of Leadership. Not only with the brain but most importantly from the Heart.”

Willem de Jonge, Supply Chain Director, Heineken

“Robert Murray’s book It’s Already Inside is an engaging and humorous leadership book written by a true business veteran. Beyond vision and values, Murray delivers practical leadership advice through accounts of his own unbelievable professional experiences. His remarkable stories beg the question, “How would I have handled that?” His self-reflection questions deepen the learning and will help you apply his ideas to your own leadership practices. A must-read for all emerging leaders!”

Caroline de Voest, CEO, Better Your Best Coaching

“Robert Murray not only teaches the reader how to become a leader, but he teaches how to soar to leadership success. It’s Already Inside is entertaining, soul-searching, and unforgettable.”

Don Bell, Founder and Former COO, WestJet Airlines

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