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Robert is a #1 Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Executive Strategy Yoda with experience to teach you, your leaders and your organization to thrive in the chaos of the world around us today.

As an Executive Business Culture, Strategy and Change Facilitator…


Robert Murray Vancouver, BC Strategy ConsultantRobert Murray believes in people and their limitless potential.  He believes in Thoughtful Leadership – the kind that connects emotionally with people.  The kind that develops other leaders and nurtures out the best in people and organizations.  That’s why he does what he does.  Whether he is speaking on a stage, or coaching other executive leaders, he loves doing what he does.  The results?  Outstanding value creation for all his clients.

He’s a #1 Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Strategy Facilitator and Turn Around Mercenary. Some have even called him “Gordon Ramsay of the Boardroom” because he is not afraid to do the right thing while building engaged teams, developing great cultures and aligning it all with simple strategic approaches that deliver results.

Working for many years as a business Strategy Facilitator, Bob has created solutions for thousands of people and businesses in multiple countries around the planet, all of which have asked him back for more.

Organizations such as: WestJet, TELUS, Vodafone, Heineken, Deloitte, Coca Cola, Phillips Electronics, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Faronics Corporation, Endurance Wind Power, Ledcor, Interfor and more.


With the right strategy, you can get your whole team on board to reaching your goals THIS YEAR.

Executive Leadership Workshops

Our new post-2008 recession business world is chaotic, crowded and confusing.  Change and transition is a daily fact of life.  For businesses to win in this tumultuous environment, leaders need world-class help. Robert Murray understands what is keeping you awake at night and your need to build lasting competitive advantage and sustainable business performance.

Working with his Partners at the Inspired Leadership Academy, Bob’s Executive Leadership Workshops bring the right mix of business strategy expertise and leading edge research. It’s the “Executive Street Smarts” and in-depth academic backgrounds make this Executive Learning Experience unlike any other leadership classroom on the planet.

Executive Business Coaching for Marketing, Sales and Operations 

Robert has over 20 years of Executive experience in roles ranging from VP of Sales, Marketing, Operations, COO and CEO for various organizations in multiple countries.  He has led businesses through unimaginable change and transformation – from near bankruptcies to “basking in the black.” His approaches to marketing, sales and operation strategies engage stakeholders to commit to executing.

He has a keen eye for the non-functional skills that other Executives are missing in their mix.  Combined with years as a coach of elite Ice Hockey teams, he is able to build programs for Senior Leaders that are easy to follow and will close the gaps they have in the leadership approach.  Stop procrastinating.  Start taking your career to new heights today.

Executive ‘Advances for Vision and Strategy

Some Executive teams go away together on ‘Retreats.’  Bob believes they should not be retreating but advancing forward as a team.

Together with his Partners at Inspired Leadership Academy, Bob offers programs that are customized to fit your current business challenges and opportunities in order to drive, reinforce and sustain your vision and strategy.  They consist of a combination of theory burst, case studies, reflective inquiry, hands-on practice, action planning, coaching and team-based action learning projects that bring a direct ROI to your organization. Typically, Bob takes executive teams through a programs on Executive Leadership Foundations, Master Leadership Practices, Strategy, Growth, Engagement and Talent, Client-First Culture, Optimization. The ROI of Executive ‘Advances’ will speak for itself.

Business Strategy, Project Management and Operations Consulting 

Some clients have called Bob a “Mercenary” while others have referred to him as the “Gordon Ramsay” of the Boardroom.  Why?  With over twenty years of executive experience as a strategist and turnaround expert in Sales, Marketing and Operations, Bob has taken some organizations that were in desperate shape to growth and prosperity by showing executives how to do the right thing for their team, their customers and the business.

Starting with strategy that is built to align with the organization’s values, purpose and the desired culture.  Bob uses simple approaches that set the leadership and business on the path to growth and value creation.  Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  Bob follows that thinking by showing leaders how to build engaged, high performance cultures that take ownership on strategy and get things done.


Here’s what people have said about Robert’s workshops:

Bob – I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the session last week. It was certainly timely as we start to engage our team and build support around our targets in 2021 (21 in 21!). I often need a reminder to step back from the deal-by-deal, one task after another, technical aspects of our work and I am committed to putting what we learned into practice to be a better leader. Your passion in the material was evident and led to a highly engaging and motivating two days.

Thank you again for taking the time to meet our team and facilitating a great workshop. Our team had different takeaways that has created various interesting and inspiring conversations over the last week. Thank you for creating an environment where we could share, learn, gain perspective and understand how to tie it into our vision all while being engaged and having fun!

[Bob] created a great environment to allow people to open up and communicate in ways they may not have been able to in the past. Some honest, open, candid moments.

Bob was a calm and insightful presenter. It is apparent that he possesses a lot of business experience, as well as life experience. Through his work and travels, he has filtered down a few key points that are key to company’s success. I enjoyed his elaboration on these topics. The resounding ah-ha moment was when Bob explained the analogy of the race car team, and the driver/pilot being the client. I think our team required a refresher on the importance of our clients – Thank you for this.

I had a lot of fun. Bob’s interactions with each team member at Nexus ensured everyone had a wonderful time. Starting with the ice breaker at the beginning really allowed everyone to share a something new to the Nexus team that maybe others may not know about. It made the session more personable instead of someone just talking at us, we were all included in the discussion.

I found Bob himself to be very relaxing, I enjoyed his pacing and I found I could understand his speech well. This is the most important issue with being hearing impaired. I find sessions like this can be quite exhausting to keep up with. I had no problems in this case with Bob. I was captivated by much of what he had to say and I have found myself reviewing the message in my head carefully so that I don’t forget. I really enjoyed the formula 1 photograph and explanation of how the team works. The marshmallow challenge was fun and I enjoyed the fact there was no wrong way or judgment of anyone. I feel it was definitely a valuable 2 hours spent.

The workshop was very well facilitated. I felt like Bob lead the workshop in a way that really allowed our team’s personality to fully emerge and be at the forefront. He created space for it without overtaking it. In a short time Bob was able to contribute to our team: more understanding of each other, an awareness of the bigger picture, and deepened connections where people allowed. Personally, I walked away with awareness of the bigger picture of what a team with trust as its foundation can achieve. My next step is to work on building trust with my teammates and discovering what that looks like for me and the individual relationships in my life.

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