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 International Keynote Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, Executive Strategy Facilitator

Robert Murray Vancouver, BC
I am proud of my journey thus far.

Coming from a farming family in the heart of Canada, and working my twenties as an industrial electrician, I learned life skills that are hard to find in a classroom. Expertise such as: problem solving, emotional intelligence, and how to selflessly serve others.

Getting my marketing degree at University at night, while working through junior level marketing roles during the day, I learned discipline, drive and to always chase my passion.

Transformational leadership came naturally to me as I moved into increasingly senior roles. I began developing a specialty in turning around business units, which quickly lead me to turn around whole organizations within TELUS as an Executive. Using the skills from my roots to engage the hearts and minds of team members in the most challenging of scenarios imaginable, I was able to foster successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

I finished my corporate education as an Executive and Officer in the Fortune 100 Company Vodafone in Europe. The work and experience I gained throughout various projects, in over 20 different countries, sharpened my ability to build simple strategic models; that’s where the Strategy Consultant part comes in.

I have been called a “Turn Around Mercenary” and “Gordon Ramsey of the Boardroom” because of my ability to see what could be and motivate executive teams and their businesses to climb the mountain towards achievement.

Now, as a partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc. #1 Best Selling Author International Keynote Speaker, and Executive Strategy Facilitator I am blessed with being able to educate and advise thousands of people and companies all over the world each year. I’m a best-selling author of three business and leadership books, “It’s Already Inside,” “Unlocked,” and “Simple Leadership – Simply Said” and I do keynote speaking event and workshops around the world where I bring together my ‘Street MBA’ to help businesses and people unlock and grow their remarkable potential.

What’s next? The journey continues. Are you going to be part of it?

“Your life and business perspective will never be the same after you meet Bob.  He is an incredible keynote speaker and coach that awakens the hidden passion and potential.  I am honored to be a part of inspirational projects with him, because every moment spent by his side is valuable.  He knows what respect, determination and leadership are truly about.  I highly recommend him as a partner, writer and speaker for any business that aims to go far.”

Oana Olteanu, Brand Communication Manager, ExpoMedia

Are you having problems with Employee Engagement? Do you find that your team is not as engaged behind your purpose as they should be? Do you need help inspiring the hearts and minds of your team members so that they are in harmony with those of your company? Let me help you reach the greater results you and I both know can be reached. Send me an email info@robert-murray.com with your main pain points, and receive a FREE 30 minute consultation on how you can improve your business and reach those greater heights.

My main goal is to make this world a better place by helping everyone be the leaders I know they can be!



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