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Simple Leadership – Simply Said

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Leadership and learning don’t have to be difficult. In fact, they should be simple for them to work. When everyone is focused on the same vision, same goals and has a clear picture of what those are, that’s when you’ll have business and leadership success. In Simple Leadership – Simply Said, you’ll learn just that.

We are living in very interesting times.  Since the depression of 2009, the world that we as leaders work in has changed forever – the ‘disruptive business revolution’ is here.

The world is flat and getting flatter by the day, with competitors appearing in places that we previously didn’t even know existed.  Western economies continue to limp along thinking that government stimulus money will solve all their problems.  (Look how that is working out for certain countries in the E.U.)

Customers have higher than ever expectations and are voting with their wallets. Organizations that do not create outstanding value are having to compete on price more than ever.

On top of all this… We are working with teams that are made up from 3 very different generations – Baby Boomers, Generation ‘X’ and Millennials.  All with different expectations and drivers. If that wasn’t enough, team member engagement is at an all-time low with all employees expecting more out their organizations and their leaders.

I, myself, couldn’t be happier.  I am all about being disruptive when it comes to creating a product or service experience that is radically different than that of the competition.  If you look closely, you will see that leading businesses understand this concept, and they are reaping the rewards of it.

Simple Leadership – Simply Said is intended to be a fast read for your busy life.  It is a follow on to my first two books (It’s Already Inside and Unlocked).  With this in mind, I invite you all to read my book once, read it again, and keep it on your shelf for reference. As I will lead you through a journey that will help you to unlock the remarkable leader that is within.  The leader that is needed to win in the disruptive business revolution.

In “Simple Leadership – Simply Said” you will learn

  • How to develop a leadership mindset
  • How to create a winning team to lead
  • Strategies you can use to be committed to reaching the next levels
  • Tips, tricks and inspirations on how to maintain what you’ve created

Packed with personal stories, tips from rock star Billy Idol, and lessons from Grizzly Bears, Mount Kilimanjaro, NASA and teenagers, “It’s Already Inside” will take you on a leadership journey that will inspire you to continue for the rest of your life.

Go ahead and get started on that journey today.

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