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Do you feel a leader inside you, just waiting to get out? Want help finding the key? Robert Murray knows how to get that leadership unlocked!

There’s a “practical leader” inside of all of us, and Bob reveals that anyone willing to learn is capable of becoming one. What is a practical leader? Someone who combines left-brain textbook leadership with right-brain, emotionally connective leadership. And we all have the ability to develop both sets of leadership skills. Robert Murray now shares his years of wisdom in a series of short, poignant leadership lessons.

In Unlocked, you will learn:

  • How to connect with your team and nurture a culture of learning
  • The payoff of persistence in becoming a modern-day pyramid builder
  • The power of “coopetition” (not a typo)
  • How to control technology before it controls you
  • The power of planning a marriage rather than a wedding when goal-setting
  • Why you must understand and how to overcome the Mango Threat
  • How to live your values and cultivate them in your team
  • Why you must earn your trident every day

Throughout “Unlocked,” in a series of short, personal, entertaining and illustrative stories, such as how being arrested in a Hong Kong airport taught him about values and what dining in Morocco has to do with leading your team, Murray shares with his readers the keys they need to Unlock their inner leaders.

Go ahead. Turn the page and turn the key. Unlock the Practical Leader inside you.



by Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and award-winning author of “The Best Place”

In his first book, It’s Already Inside: Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success, Robert Murray won over his readers with his entertaining stories to illustrate his valuable points about leadership. Now he’s back with another winning new book: Unlocked: Finding the Key to Practical Leadership.

I love that Murray specifies that this book is about “practical” leadership because a lot of books out there talk about leaders, but he boils down his topic to simple, realistic, and practical examples, often illustrated by entertaining stories. A real benefit of this book is its easy-to-read and accessible format of fifty-one short chapters that will allow anyone who aspires to being a practical and good leader to spend five minutes a day reading a daily chapter and then contemplating it before moving on to the next one. (more)


IN PRAISE OF “Unlocked”

“Take it each chapter as a wonderful opportunity to explore between the lines, ask yourself the questions posed and reflect on where your leadership potential rests. One will find themselves reflected within the stories; you will pause and declare – yes I can be a more effective leader and I now know what I will do to move down that path.”

 Bill Dow, VP Education, British Columbia Institute of Technology

There is sure to be an Ah-Ha moment for everyone in Robert’s new book.  Within the chapters, there are insights that jump out and bite you in the ass.  I know that is what I found.”

Spencer Sheinin, President, Norwood Packaging

“Robert takes complex leadership concepts and presents them in an easy to digest format.  The small vignettes are great tidbits of leadership knowledge that are a must for new leaders to learn, and are poignant reminders for those who have been in a leadership role for many years.  If this book isn’t already on your Leadership Book List, it should be.”

Richard Brodowski, Vice President, SNC-Lavalin

UNLOCKED is one of the most inspiring professional books I have read in ages. In this, his second book, Robert Murray again writes from the heart and shares both his personal and professional insights into the qualities and skills that make great leaders.

His style is witty and intimate, as well as practical and realistic. It is an easy read, yet inspires you to reflect on your personal style, attributes, and strengths in a way that no other book has done for me. This book is a great companion to “It’s Already Inside” and is a must read for leaders in any walk of life or profession. Bob’s practical guide will show you how to be better and more successful in everything you do.

Anne Smith, M Ed, Principal, Teacher, and Lead Learner

” I often wished that there was a step by step recipe that one could follow to ensure success in business and growth as a leader. In Robert Murray’s new book, “Unlocked ” you will come as close as you can to finding that recipe. Following the suggestions in this book will considerably improve your chances for being the successful business leader you always wanted to be.”

 Bill Locking, Managing Partner, CEI Architecture

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