1. HAPPY AND GRATEFUL for you being well and better everyday!
    We have to meet again this live so you better take care so we can do so…honestly now, I will be so happy to introduce you to our sons one day…and even in 10 – 20 years from now (when they will be 15 – 17 and then 25 – 27) to get to know the Great Person that changed my life: Bob Murray !

    Love you Bob!
    Thank you Colleen for being there !

    Georgi & co

    1. Thank you for your comment – I would be honored to meet them. And I am so thankful for my wife being there as well. I am recovering well.

  2. Beautiful story Robert. Glad you are feeling better and tell your lovely we are all grateful of her skills, abilities and courage.
    Nice message indeed.
    Prompt retablissement ! Paul Renaud

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and warm wishes. I have also passed on the message to my wife, and she thanks you.

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