1. Great message. Thanks for sharing Robert.
    Let’s change the perspective. Effective training is a process of teaching the dog ’what to do’ in any given situation, rather than teaching him ’what not to do’. Strictly speaking, we don’t teach a dog ‘not to chase game’. Rather we should teach him what he should do in the presence of game. The dog knows what his mission is, and understands that he must stick to the job in hand and not change the rules in any way. It is important to know who is made for what. Dog’s talent is to get distracted to chase. A good leader knows how to play the executive game that both parties enjoy, the performer and the audience.

  2. Thank you Samaneh for your comment. I agree very much with what you’re saying, however the “dog” in this story is simply a metaphor. I choose a puppy because it is young, and hasn’t learned yet. Although, as you say, a good leader does learn what his team member’s strengths and weaknesses are, and works to make sure that each individual is able to exceed at what they do well, and get someone else doing what they need work on.

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